Welcome to the Ras Al Hamra Recreation Center Tennis Club

 RAHRC Tennis Club is a membership based club situated in Muscat. We are arguably the largest tennis  club in the Muscat area with over 800 active members. Despite our size, we are a friendly and inclusive club with plenty on offer for everyone, no matter what your age or ability.

 Our facilities are welcoming and comfortable all complemented with a beautiful ocean view few meters away.. Our six hard courts and one indoor facility is perhaps one of the most picturesque facilities in the Middle East.

 We run a wide range of programs which includes: Coaching for all levels, Junior Camp, Ladies Morning, Social Round Robin Tennis, Tots Camp (Mini Tennis), Ball Machine Rental, Racquets Stringing, Club Tournaments for Juniors & Adults, Holiday Tennis Camps & Clinic, free online court bookings.

 However, life isn't just about the tennis! RAHRC Tennis Club  has a thriving social scene, you can always find a friendly face while enjoying the calm and relaxing atmosphere be it meeting up with old friends and make new ones.




























Dear Members,  

We want to share with you the excitement which is building up! The excitement about seeing and discussing development plans for our Club! Our Ras Al Hamra Recreation Center, the place where we relax, sport, enjoy the company of our friends, colleagues and family, where the sand and sea beckons next to great recreation facilities. Where we share our laughter and joy with our fellow club members.

 Talking about “sharing”, please share with us (anonymously-) via internet your preferences for what YOU think is most important for the Tennis Club section of RAHRC to offer YOU.  

We have prepared a survey with 18 possibilities for you to either rank in order of importance, or even declare “not important” (or better said, not applicable - “n/a”).


The suggestions range from “more courts” to “present lay-out is OK”, from “more stands/bleachers” to “more play time”, from “more water fountains” to “more ice-packs”.

 When you assign a preference number to an option, the option automatically shifts to that position, and the whole list adjusts. So, if you decide that a certain option is ranked # 4 it takes the place of the present 4, the old #4 then becomes #5. All automatically! If you press the n/a-button the option automatically goes to the bottom of the list and will not be counted.

 Once you have gone through the list and assigned a preference number or “n/a” to all options, press the button “Done” at the bottom of the screen and your preferences will be sent over the internet to “the cloud” where they are collected automatically. We shall collect those totals and be able to share them with you so that “Your Tennis Club is taking shape along the lines of your preferences!”

 Give us a bit of your time, so that the Club can give time and resources to YOUR preferences.




Club Championship Photos

 1-year celebration of Ladies Morning.

  • It's MONDAY - which means LADIES MORNING! Congratulations to the ladies for completing ONE YEAR of diligent training on the Monday morning! Pictures are of the ladies starting off this wonderful weekly event. Victory is theirs! Yippeeeh!  

Ladies Morning Photos



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Court Booking

 Courts are available for booking via our online court booking system.

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